Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cozumel Bound

Iron Man Cozumel Bound

For my one or two followers I thought I would start this post off a  little different. First off I figured I would use a new word for the first word. That might throw at least one of you off.

I had thought about writing about all my various training events as I had promised in my last post but when I really thought about it my head started to hurt. So I am starting new one and hopefully if for no one else besides me I will have some better stories or whatever for what I am doing now.

Obviously I have been horrible with training over the years and have only recently started training again seriously, it had been well over a year since I really did anything significant and in the meantime my pants, shirts, shorts, hell even my underwear seemed to be getting smaller. Then I went out and bought some new clothes and they started to not fit anymore either. Enough is enough already and to top it off I had started smoking as well so that made it even more difficult to get in the mindset of exercising. The killer was earlier this year while in Hawaii trying to body board on some shore break waves I fell through the wave as I was trying to pull off, landed and SNAP, broken Fibula. This was the same leg as my Tibia stress fracture.

I couldn't initially even pick the best reason to start again. Would it be the button popping off the jeans as I am trying to stretch them so I can sit down or the fact that I can get winded walking up some stairs. Take your pick I am done. In the end it came down to finally deciding to do the Iron Man which was a bucket list item before turning 40 and just trying to be healthy overall again. Turns out the only one I could register for that was remotely close was Cozumel, not too bad of a place for a first one.

My first triathlon since my debacle in 2008 with my open water panic attack for the Mountain Man sprint. Guess where my Debut is? Yes the Mountain Man but I am going for broke here in my vendetta against this event and am doing the Olympic distance this time.

And there it is nothing special just random crap with a purpose in mind. I will try to post more as my training progresses, I am using a coach this time to get it done right so we will see. Stay tuned for more later.

Oh and don't forget to check out the Rocky Point adventures, this was when I blew two tires and rims in Mexico and had to hobble on my broken legs with a couple of local to find some tires. The movies are with my wife Katie, a friend Katie and my sister re-enacting the event while I am gone and some other bits that are quite funny. ENJOY

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where have I been????

Well I can say for sure that I have done some training since my last post in November of 2008 (wow it has been a long time) but it has been a crazy almost two years. I did the Tour de Tucson twice and Ragnar Relay Del Sol twice (of course with Team Jelly Roll) and was a spectator for the Las Palomas Tri rather than participating due to the incident at the Ragnar Del Sol 2009. I also rode Mt Lemmon with some friends and I must say the ride up is horrible but coming down is an experience of a lifetime. Oh and moved twice and had a tibia stress fracture being on crutches for 3 months. I will be posting within the next couple of days accounts of all events as they have stayed fresh in my memory as if emblazoned by fire and I will be continuing to train and write in the coming year as I have a good number of things to share.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Easy Saturday Ride and Kamikaze bugs

Well we bought Katie a bike a few weeks ago and started doing a Saturday morning ride together to get a little exercise and a cup of coffee. She is coming along really well, the first ride we found out she needed some handle bar adjustments since they were the straight bars we ended up putting bar ends on so it would feel a little more like a road bike position and that made it a lot better.

This morning we took the car into town and parked at the Starbucks at Old Spanish Trail and Harrison then rode to and through the monument. The back side of the monument is still a bit hard for Katie since it seems like it is straight up but it is getting a little easier for me and I am doing it in harder gears now than the first time I did it.

Today however I am writing to complain about the Grasshoppers or locusts or whatever they are that are as big as two of your fingers. We finally crested the backside of the monument and were coasting down the backside at a great pace (34 MPH) and this bug flies straight at me, I cannot swerve duck or do anything to get out of the way of this psychotic insect and it hits me square on the shoulder. Normally I would not complain about this but combine its speed coming at me, my speed and the sheer size of this thing and I am surprised it didn't knock me off my bike.

So let this be a warning to you all, watch out for flying bugs, they could just ruin your day

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful other than a few horny toads we say and the snakes Katie saw, these were enough to almost make her crash as well since she is so scared of them, on one occasion while she was shivering from the site of one snake she was hit by another kamikaze bug and with the combined effect of the snake and bug she almost rode off the road.

We arrived safe at last back at Starbucks for our coffee, I will be resting the rest of the day drinking water prepping for tomorrows big training group ride with GABA again which will be 90 miles. Can't wait, I will write again soon.